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What is a Resistance and why my students find it difficult to understand Resistance?



Well,  As per the text book:

The electrical resistance of an electrical conductor is the opposition to the passage of an electric current through that conductor; the inverse quantity is electrical conductance, the ease at which an electric current passes.

An object of uniform cross section has a resistance proportional to its resistivity  and length and inversely proportional to its cross-sectional area. All materials show some resistance, except for super conductors, which have a resistance of zero.

The resistance (R) of an object is defined as the ratio of voltage across it (V) to current through it (I), while the conductance (G) is the inverse:

R = V / I ,  
G = I / V
…. as per aB , yeah thats me 🙂 .

I just don’t understand why can not we start with resistance to be  just a word that means Resistance . Yeah we say it so many times that the food was so nice that i can simply not RESIST it. or we can think of it like a word that we can use it like we need to resist our self by not eating this food. Resistance simply means opposition; may be opposition to your mom’s view, Opposition to Politics and so does the opposition to Electric current. … and then the book might have carried on giving the same information that we are mugging up from decades.
I wonder if the Text Book was smart enough to engage our engineering student and not impose engineering onto them.

(Just  my point of view take it or leave it)




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