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Know about your life as an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering …


Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Classes:

Electronics & Telecommunication engineering is all about electronics and telecommunication.

electronics telecommunication engineering classes

While in electronics you will be dealing with semiconductors, In Telecommunication you will be dealing with different methodologies used to communicate at a distance.

Telecommunication is about communication between two points located at distance. here you will get a feel of electromagnetic waves and electrical signals.

What will I learn as an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer?

In Electronics and Telecommunication engineering you will be learning all about various type of electronic components and also communication techniques. We recommend you guys to have a strong base on the below topics.


  • Diodes, transistor, BJT, FET, MoSFET, UJT, Op-Amp, thyristor, Various Digital and AnalogICs
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  • Microprocessor
  • Micro controllers
  • TV


  • Mobile Communication
  • Wireless Network
  • Satellite Communication
  • Computer Communication Network
  • Microwave
  • Antennas and the towers installation
  • Robotics and Industrial automation

What will I do as an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer?

As an Electronics and telecommunication graduate you can try different options as it is a versatile field.

Electronics and Telecommunication field gives you an upper edge in the job market. Not only can you move in the Automation sector but also you can go for The Dynamic  Telecom sector.

You may discover most of your seniors going for satellite communication, Integrated circuits  designing or Robotics and Control.


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