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Rohit … The Intelligent cum Smart Guy


Rohit !!! The young gun of the lot…new

Polly_Engineering_Projects_RohitI am happy and I wanna celebrate this just loud enough…

This is about one of my student … Who made the automation not a B2b affairs but a home to home one.

Rohit… Yes !! It’s the 19 yr old guy of Dombivli  with support of his friend made a really innovative Project that automates the fire safety of your Bedrooms, your living rooms and so on…..

Two Liners about Rohit’s Project:

In case of any fire at your premises, The critical sensor informs the Room abnormalities to a controller, which is the heart of the system. The Controller then initiates the further process…

It controls the automatic sprinkling of Water sprinkler and thus will be really helpful to avoid conditions like the one you see below:

Fire  The USP of this Automation is, Rohit has taken special care and customized the complete solution so that it can be used for Home based purpose also.

I personally congratulate him to discover this gap in the market. It takes a mind of the creative to think out of the box… The solution was already available in the market but he had an eye of an eagle to discover what is lacking in the same…

He customized the complete Project so that it can be used by all the middle class public and thus saving our life from disaster.

It is really admiring that you could complete the project as per the deadline. As I always say, what it takes today to be successful is to be intelligent and smart enough. Thinking innovative with great timing sense is the need of the time…

Once again, Congratulation Rohit and to your complete Team !!! 

(*note: To All my Tech savvy friends, Plz do recommend us if any changes are needed to make the complete project a more valuable one to all of us… )


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