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Who are Mechanical Engineers ?????



Mechanical engineering is something that emerged as a field as a solution to meet the industrial demand back in 18th century. The specialization deals with various micro concepts of engineering design. It includes combination of physics, material science, manufacturing, Designing.

The subject revolves around Heat generation and Usage of heat, which is a form of energy. It also deals with Designing aspects , Production aspects and operational details of various Machines and tools.









What will I learn as an Mechanical Engineer?

Engineering Students, Be ready to get yourself exposed to core concepts of  mechanics:

  • Mechanics : Call it a force applied to a body or a displacement of a body… blame it on Mechanics
  • Kinematics : Learn about How , why and who causes the motion
  • Thermodynamics : May be the summer season is not enjoyable but don’t forget to enjoy the heat, Maket this use to do some work for you.
  • Material Science : Learn about Different type of materials
  • Structural Analysis: How is a physical Body effected by various type of load.
  • Product Life Cycle Management : Think about it – Design your Concept – Manufacture the Design – Sell you Manufactured unit – Service what you sold – Disposal of the same.
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Robotics : Man Made machines and Machine made Robots.(Learn this section carefully, It can improve your chance to grab a good job)

What will I do as an Mechanical Engineer?

As an Mechanical Engineer you  are free to taste cross domains. Be it the Aerospace Industry, Civil, Metallurgical Engineering, Marines, Petroleum Vertical or manufacturing Industry, there is always an opportunity waiting for you.

Bio-medical Field is one of the emerging field in Asia and Mechanical guys are the soul of it. You may also book your passport and go to Arab for playing with oil extraction department. :)

aB wishing you all the best… For your future adventure in advance….









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