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Who are the Civil Engineers?


The word “Civil” comes from civilization, Civil engineering is all about whatever you see with your two open eyes when you walk. It deals with designing , constructing and maintenance of  your concepts into reality.

It gives physical shape to your thoughts and results in to a naturally built environment around you, The roads , The Bridges,The Canals,dams, and buildings are few of the example that a civil engineer makes for you.









What will I learn as an Civil Engineer?

Engineering Students, Be ready to get yourself exposed to core concepts of  civilization:

  • Environmental Engineering : Learn to keep the Bridges that you construct safe…
  • Survey: Surveying is important, Don’t Just Build a Bridge with soil study and so on…
  • Construction Engineering:Learn the Engineering of forces…
  • Geo technical engineering: Don’t be too busy to learn about Bridges, Also learn about Mother Earth
  • Structural engineering : Symmetry and Assymetry
  • Control Systems

What will I do as an Civil Engineer?

Don’t worry if you are not from an era when Dubai was at her making, we still have a lot of options opened for you. Lots of Municipal corporation needs your help…

You may help them to distribute water to the civilian , By doing Road construction and building a Shopping mall near their home.Work in the private sector as consulting engineers, project managers or construction, contractors or in a wide range of government departments.

Your salary may vary and will be affected by fluctuations in the Real Estate Industry but your presence will always be needed.

aB wishing you all the best… For future adventure in advance to all the Civil Engineers….










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