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Learning & Earning opportunities for everyone


Website Development workshop is an initiative for young students / computer Engineers who wants to learn various tools of making a website. The focus of the workshop is to learn methods of hassle free techniques of web development without using or by least usage of coding.

Polly Engineering Classes brings superior quality professional training courses in WordPress. The training focus is to prepare web developers prepared to face real world difficulties on the world of web development.


  • Learn tricks to make website quickly.
  • Learn about templates and how to use them in repetitive basis
  • Learn to shape up your website development Carrier
  • Learn to get flashy and hits from google

Training Methodology:

Training will be provided one on one basis or at the most 2 student / person per trainer. The main motive of the workshop is to pay a detailed attention to every student.

WordPress Course Brief:


Website Online Development

  • Learn to make web pages
  • Learn to make parent / child pages
  • Adding Posts / Press Releases
  • Sharing Posts / Pages
  • Learn to add calenders / Events
  • Menus
  • Sidebars Customization
  • Make various types of Menus
  • Customized Sidebars
  • Learn to make forms
  • Theme configurations
  • Theme Customization
  • Creating Websites Account
  • Learn to create Web Address

Website Offline Development

  • Wwbsite Developing Environment Installation
  • Learn about critical plugins
  • learn about Themes
  • Menus
  • Sidebars Customization
  • Plugin & theme installation
  • Web Pages
  • Parent / Child Pages
  • Customized Menus
  • Customized Sidebars
  • Interacting forms

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing via Facebook
  • Marketing via Tweeter
  • Marketing using Blogs
  • Keyword optimization
  • Link Building
  • Analytic
  • Ranking  in Google
  • Using Google smart tools for search optimization
  • Learn to use webmasters


  • What to write in a blog
  • How to create a blog
  • learn about tumblr, and other Blogging options
Terms & Conditions

  • We are looking for students who are interested in this field and are ready to take part time assignments.
  • For every freelancing job done, Polly Engineering classes will be providing Guidance and pre-decided remuneration.


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