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Group Tuition



Polly Engineering Group Tuition

 Group Tuition:

Group tuition is designed specifically for those engineering students who want to learn with their friends. The intention to design Group tuition is to keep the atmosphere friendly and teaching be fun. Group Tuition is recommended for engineering group of student who are highly motivated and shares similar goal and follows similar study pattern.


  • Not more than 6 to 8 students per Batch
  • One Demo lecture will be conducted which will be free of cost
  • Having tuition together with friends is not as dull as one-to-one tuition. There is more interaction among the tutor and students and the atmosphere tend to be lighter.
  • Group Tuition induces certain level of peer pressure when it comes to studying together as nobody likes to be left behind. This will motivate each student to work harder so as to do better than his friends.
  • Sometimes, if one student doesn’t understand what the tutor said, the others try to help rephrase the solution, promoting greater understanding and instills a sense of cohesiveness among the group.
  • This is recommended for friend circle who are punctual and attend the lectures with proper coordination.
  • Group tuition will normally reduce the tuition rate of each individual student as the total cost is shared among the group.

 3.      Regular Batches:

Regular Batches is similar to the traditional form of engineering classes where one lecturer will be handling Many Students at the same point of time.

  • Not more than 30 students per Batch
  • Special doubt clearing session before Exams.
  • Lectures will be conducted strictly as per University syllabus
  • Reasonable Fees
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