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Engineers – Diploma


Special Coaching for the below Subjects:

Coarse Code : DI-II-06

Subject: Industrial Instrumentation
University: MSBTE
Semester: 6
Syllabus Covered:
Control System Components: Indicators, Scanners, DAS, Recorders, Alarm Annunciator, Totalizer, I to P Converter, Air Filter regulator, IED, Servomotors, Stepper Motor.
Applications in Industry: Building Automation, Utilities, Energy Monitoring & Saving Systems, Substations, Control systems for steel & Cement industries.
Project Engineering: Project Planning/ implementation


Coarse Code : DI-PCS-06

Subject: Process Control Systems
University: MSBTE
Semester: 6
Syllabus Covered:
Advanced Control System, Control Valves, Automation Requirement(P & ID), Advanced DCS functions, Batch process Control, Process Control Applications:boiler, Heat exchangers, Distillation collumns, Chemical Reactors,Evaporators


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