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Computer Engineering Classes (Diploma):

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Computer engineering classesBefore understanding Computer engineering It is better to understand that computer Engineering is not only about coding.

It comprises of knowledge of Electrical, Electronics, Micro processors, Controllers and many more technologies. Computer Engineering is basically an applied science.

It can be broadly classified into Hardware and software. Software is the brain that controls all the body parts, where as Hardware is the physical bodily parts that listens to the brain.









What will I learn as an Computer Engineer?

Being a computer Engineer get ready to be exposed to :

Computer Software Engineering:  Software development, Designing and software testing.

Computer Hardware Engineering: Design, Test, Deploy, Make firmware for different controllers, super computer, micro processor

Coding and Information Protection: Learn different techniques of Data Protection, Code various useful application, Design a Website and so on.

Compilers and Operating Systems:  This specialty focuses on compilers and operating systems design and development. Engineers in this field develop new operating system architecture, program analysis techniques, and new techniques to assure quality.

For the next few years you will be learning all about software designing and different types of hardware.

What will I do as an Computer Engineer?

Mostly the misconception about computer Engineering is, it is related to sitting on a chair and writing infinite numbers of codes. Computer Engineering is not only limited to coding, Coding is a very small part of computer Engineering which has generated a large source of Jobs and hence follows the recognition.
Being a computer Engineer , You can write codes to design various Industrial controllers, You may assist Robotics or Automation sector to develop smart Firmware.You may design your on Operating system like Android and so on.
You may also be a part of System Designing, Networking, Software Development, Business Architect for cross verticals like Automobile Industry, Healthcare sector, Entertainment industry, Service Based Industry or you can become part of consultancy firm who deal with outsourced projects for all the cross verticals.

Our recommendation to you would be to have knowledge of some back end and front end languages and also not to neglect the hardware part .

aB wishing you all the best… For your future adventure in advance….

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