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PLC Course



Programmable Logic Controllers

Targeted Audience:

This course is specially for persons who are fresher in the industry or person who wish to have right  knowledge of PLC applications. The course is designed in such a way that people from various technical background can come together and learn and enjoy PLC sessions on a common platform.

Course design ensures learning PLC from the vary Basic concepts of electricity and then getting deeper and deeper.

Course Brief:

Section#1: Brief on Automation

Section#2: Introduction to PLC : why the hell “The PLC”?

Section#3: Type of PLC

Section#4: Industrial PLC

Section#5: The standards

Section#6: Get familiar to Siemens | Mitsubishi | Allenbradley and other friends

Section#7: How does plc speaks (English , Hindi or binary?)

Section#8: Digital & Analog Interface

Section#9: How logical is PLC’S brain

Section#10: The inputs & The outputs

Section#11: Get into the nerves of modular PLC

Section#12: Know the Processor “The Brain” – Learn to tame your PLC

Section#13: Types of PLC related

Section#14: Step up with ladder Diagram

Section#14: Functional Blocks: Counter, Timer, Sequencer and many more

Section#15: learn the commands

Section#16: Make your own industrial application

Section#17: Type of PLC related Job

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