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Polly Engineering Classes was formed with the mission to help student understand the technicalities involved in the subject.Our intention remains the same. We want the student to not only clear his / her Exams but also should understand the application of the subject in the ever changing industry.

Our student must be able to co-relate the subject with real world and must enjoy the subject by heart.

We are looking for Professional tutors who have industrial Background, Good communication skills and a strong knowledge about the subject that they are interested to coach. The tutor must be able to inculcate learning appetite in students. The main aim is to make our students independent and to make them a self starter which plays a key role in their future personality development and helps them to shape their future.

We prefer person from industrial background , because this will help students to have practical knowledge and he/she will be aware of types of  job opportunities after the completion of college.

The tutor must also have zeal in their work and must be a highly motivated person. When it comes to coaching, He must be capable to make the subject interesting and engage student for taking initiative in studies.

so to bullet the skills in short, all we are looking in a tutor is…

  • Thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • Good Communication skill
  • Must be able to perform practical if required
  • Must be a highly motivated person
  • Must Understand the challenges faced by the students
  • Must be capable to make the subject interesting
  • Must engage student for taking initiative in studies
  • Must be able to mentor the student in future course of action
  • and last but not the least, must be able to understand him or her the concept,technology involved in the subject
  • We prefer person from Industrial Background

We are looking for tutors who can teach

  1. Engineering subjects (Any specialization)

  2. IX , X , XI , XII standard classes (Specially Mathematics & Science subject)

Person having above skill sets may fill the application form and we will revert to you as soon as the preliminary screening is over.

Please click on Tutor Jobs links that resides under  Tutor’s Corner tab to fill in the application form.

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